"Arika Lab" supplies equipment, consumables and supplies, chemicals for various laboratories and industries

In our assortment you will find the names of manufacturers such as Eppendorf, PHCbi, Thermo FS, infors, Abcam, Binder, Merck, IKA, Mettler Toledo and many others.



Reliable partnership, professional approach and customer support at all stages of cooperation.

лабораторное оборудование и приборы


The latest technologies for chemistry, pharmaceuticals, genetics, cell and molecular biology, ELISA, IVF, ICSI and other disciplines.

лабораторное оборудование бишкек


Стабильное сотрудничество
со всеми производителями лабораторного оборудования и материалов.

продажа лабораторного оборудования
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About Us

Arika Lab company

provides comprehensive equipment for scientific, medical, forensic, forensic, agricultural and other laboratories, as well as food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological production.

We supply everything necessary for laboratories: equipment and consumables from various foreign manufacturers.

We provide analytical, biochemical, laboratory reagents, nutrient media from the USA, Japan, Germany, Spain, Russia and other countries.

Catalog of laboratory equipment, consumables, laboratory supplies and reagents

магазины медицинского оборудования

Laboratory instruments and equipment

PCR equipment, analyzers, homogenizers, stirrers, refrigerators, freezers, instruments for analytical chemistry, etc.

мед оборудование бишкек

Plastic and glassware

Test tubes, cryovials, plates, cups Petri dishes, burettes, vials, flasks, containers, etc.

медтехника бишкек

Laboratory supplies

Filters, membranes, racks, spatulas, wiping materials, gloves, laboratory protective clothing, etc.

инструменты для лаборатории

Reagents, kits, preparations

Antibodies, pH buffers, kits for PCR, ELISA, IHC, culture and microbiological media, genomics, proteomics, etc.

Our manufacturers

медицинское лабораторное оборудование

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Arika Trading Eurasia LLC is one of the leading suppliers of modern medical equipment

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